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Sigma Metalytics Pro Mini Full Set SM3001S3 (2-3 WEEK BACKORDER)

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PRO Mini Full Set (Small, Large and Bullion Wands Included)

SKU: SM3001S3


The PRO Mini brings the power of the PRO to private investors in a compact, easy-to-use package. With its adjustable arm, the PRO Mini can accurately read all the way through a range of sample sizes, from 1 gram gold pieces to 100 oz silver bars. The small size and wireless connectivity means it's convenient to use at home and on the go at coin shows, shops, or with clients.


2 Year Factory Warranty Included With All Sigma Metalytics Products 


Tech Specs

Main Sensor Specs

Minimum Sample Diameter: 15.0 mm

Maximum Sample Thickness: 10.0 mm

Small Wand Specs

Minimum Sample Diameter: 8.0 mm

G.O.T. Detection Depth: 0.18 mm

Large Wand Specs

Minimum Sample Diameter: 18.0 mm

G.O.T. Detection Depth: 0.25 mm 

Bullion Wand Specs

Minimum Sample Diameter: 24.0 mm

G.O.T. Detection Depth: 1.5 mm


 Powerful Thru Readings

 Make sure your pieces are 100% authentic using the Mini's thru readings. The onboard sensor checks all the way through samples, meaning there is nowhere for counterfeits to hide. You can rest easy knowing there are no inserts or bad metals in your coins.


Specific Gravity Testing

 Put the calipers away. Using known metal densities and an automatic thickness measurement, the Mini takes the entered weight and calculates the expected size of your sample. Simply compare your coin or bar to the displayed size to ensure your piece is legitimate. 


Easy Connectivity Anywhere

 The Mini connects wirelessly to most iOS and Android devices with our free app, and it can use a wired connection with a windows PC. The Mini generates its own, private WiFi network for wireless connection, which means you can take it anywhere and stay connected.


Part of the PMV Family

 The Mini is the latest in our line of Precious Metal Verifiers, which means it has the same top-tier accuracy of our devices, can read through plastic and carboard cases and slabs, uses no chemicals or wet testing, and comes with our Sigma Metalytics Gold Standard Promise.