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Sigma Metalytics PMV Pro SM2701 With All 3 Wands And External Bridge

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This kit includes:

  • The PMV PRO Unit
  • Latest Keypad Design
  • Manual
  • Charger
  • Protective Case
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • The Small Wand
  • The Large Wand
  • The Bullion Wand
  • The External Bridge Attachment 


Powerful Thru Readings

Make sure your pieces are 100% authentic using the PRO's thru readings. The onboard sensors check all the way through samples, meaning there is nowhere for counterfeits to hide. You can rest easy knowing there are no inserts or bad metals in your coins and bars.

 The PMV PRO delivers powerful thru readings, specific gravity testing, and a versatile array of attachments to make sure your metals are genuine. With its two onboard sensors, three wand attachments, and the external bridge attachment, the PRO can rapidly check pieces as small as 1/20 oz gold up to 100 oz silver. With the PRO, you can have confidence in the precious metal you buy and sell. 

Tech Specs

Large Onboard Sensor Specs

Minimum Sample Diameter: 32.0 mm

Maximum Sample Thickness: 12.5 mm

Small Onboard Sensor Specs

Minimum Sample Diameter: 10.0 mm

Maximum Sample Thickness: 3.5 mm

Small Wand Specs

Minimum Sample Diameter: 8.0 mm

G.O.T. Detection Depth: 0.18 mm

Large Wand Specs

Minimum Sample Diameter: 18.0 mm

G.O.T. Detection Depth: 0.25 mm

Refiners Wand Specs

Minimum Sample Diameter: 24.0 mm

G.O.T. Detection Depth: 2.5 mm

External Bridge Specs

Minimum Sample Width: 50.0 mm 

Maximum Sample Thickness: 45.0 mm


Specific Gravity Testing

Put the calipers away. Using known metal densities and an automatic thickness measurement, the PRO takes the entered weight and calculates the expected size of your sample. Simply compare your coin or bar to the displayed size to ensure your piece is legitimate. 

The PRO's External Bridge provides one-of-a-kind thru readings on bars up to 45mm thick. 1kg and 100 oz silver bars can be quickly and easily checked for authenticity, including thru readings and a specific gravity test. Even your largest purchases are safe.

 The PRO uses the same Sigma Metalytics technology trusted by thousands of customers, which means it has the same top-tier accuracy of our other devices, can read through plastic and carboard cases and slabs, uses no chemicals or wet testing, and comes with the Sigma Metalytics Gold Standard Promise.


On PRO devices, the "Pure Silver" range is calibrated to put 99.99% silver samples in the green range and 99.9% silver in the yellow on the right. Sigma Metalytics calibrate the devices this way due to the number of counterfeit 99.9% coins in circulation. The yellow range is a caution sign to remind users to check the other aspects of their sample (dimensions, weight, and markings).

If your bar or coin is the correct size and weight, has the correct markings, is not magnetic, and reads within the yellow or green range, then it is likely genuine.


Pro Dimensions

Length 11” (279mm) 

Width 8” (203mm) 

Height 2.3” (59mm) 

Weight 25.5oz (725g) 

Sigma Metalytics Verifiers WILL NOT Work On Jewelry