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Sigma Metalytics Investor SM3012

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This kit includes:

  • The Investor Unit
  • Manual
  • Charger
  • Case
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • The Small Wand
  • The Large Wand
  • The Bullion Wand


Penetrates all the way through the sample: The onboard sensor checks all the way through samples, meaning there is nowhere for counterfeits to hide. You can rest easy knowing there are no inserts or bad metals in your coins.


Able to measure density: Using known metal densities and an automatic thickness measurement, the Investor takes the entered weight and calculates the expected size of your sample. Simply compare your coin or bar to the calculated size to ensure it's the right density. 


Portable: The Investor can easily travel with you to shows, auctions, estate sales, shops, and wherever else you might need to authenticate your purchases without sacrificing any power.


Newest Model: The Investor is the latest in the line of Precious Metal Verifiers, which means it has the same top-tier accuracy of our devices, can read through plastic and carboard cases and slabs, uses no chemicals or wet testing, and comes with the Sigma Metalytics Gold Standard Promise.


Main Sensor Specs

Minimum Sample Diameter: 15.0 mm

Maximum Sample Thickness: 10.0 mm

Investor Dimensions 

Length 6.5” (165mm)

Width 6.25” (159mm) 

Height 1.8” (46mm) 

Weight 11.6oz (330g) 

Sigma Metalytics Verifiers WILL NOT Work On Jewelry