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Sigma Metalytics Original Bullion Set SM1501 (2-3 WEEK BACKORDER)

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The PMV Original Bullion Set includes:

  • The PMV Original Base Unit
  • The Small wand
  • The Large wand
  • The Bullion Wand 
  • Charger
  • Case
  • 2 Year Warranty 

PMV Original 

The first of its kind

Trusted since its introduction in 2013, the PMV Original brought quick, easy, and accurate precious metal testing to thousands of customers.  The PMV Original, like all of our devices, uses no chemicals, scraping, or wet testing to verify coins and bars. 


Effective Surface Readings

The PMV Original sends a signal under the surface of your sample to check for plating and sub-surface inserts. Whether it's out of the case, or in a slab, capsule, or assay, the PMV Original can check it.

Versatility & Attachments

The Original Bullion configuration has three Wand attachments which give it the ability to take surface readings on a wide range of sample sizes, from 1 gram of gold to 100 oz silver.

Keep Your Collection Safe

The PMV Original is ideal for private investors and collectors looking to verify their coins and bars. The Original lets you verify your existing collection and continue to grow your investments with confidence.

Part of the PMV Family

As the pioneering model in our line of Precious Metal Verifiers, the PMV Original has top-tier accuracy, can read through plastic and carboard cases and slabs, uses no chemicals or wet testing, and comes with our Sigma Metalytics Gold Standard Promise.

2 Year Factory Warranty Included With All Sigma Metalytics Products